Scituate, RI Environmental Services

Newton B Washburn, LLC

Newton B Washburn, LLC has been offering complete environmental services in the Scituate, RI area for over 25 years. Our company works toward the preservation of our environment through effective,
Earth-saving solutions and services that are designed to address hazardous waste problems. We provide environmental solutions 24 / 7 for your convenience and satisfaction. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal - Scituate, RI - Newton B Washburn, LLC - waste disposal

Newton B Washburn, LLC Offers:

  • Environmental solutions 24 / 7
  • Complete environmental services
  • Hazardous waste disposal and transport services
  • Tank cleaning and removal services
  • Oil spill clean up services
  • Oil and water separation services
  • Autobody and drum disposal services
  • Chemical disposal services
  • Emergency spill response services
  • Vacuum  truck services

We hold transport license # RI-877 / MA-518 / CT - HW840

Call Newton B Washburn, LLC today at 401- 354-2070  or call us us at our 24 / 7 contact number 401-300-6791.

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Hours of Business:

24 - hour service.